• The Flying Dish – Sustainable & Circular Fashion

    To recover the value of fashion, The Flying Dish offers services related to sustainable and circular fashion, responsible consumption, slow fashion and positive education. To this end, they develop educational projects, provide consultancy services for designers and brands and even offer materials from the textile world.
  • Networkia

    Networkia has been offering shared and flexible workspace solutions since 2012. Workspaces with soul where business thrives and people feel happy sharing space and knowledge. A community of more than 600 companies that share enthusiasm for their work.
    Networkia Diseño y Marketing online
  • Seguripedia

    Seguripedia makes insurance easy. Their mission is to help users choose the right insurance. In their web, they explain with simplicity different topics related to insurance and how to contract them, with a simple and clear language.
    Diseño y desarrollo web de Seguripedia
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