1. What is a cookie?

A "Cookie" is a small text file that a website stores in the user's browser, facilitating navigation through a web page, and are essential for the functioning of the internet. Cookies are used, for example, to validate web registrations (remember username and password); remember options such as size, language, browser used; analyse user habits and behaviour to improve the services offered, or to adapt the contents of a web page to the visitor's preferences. Cookies can be "session" cookies, which are deleted once the user leaves the website that generated them, or "persistent" cookies, which remain on the user's computer until a specific date. Cookies can also be "own", managed by the domain to which the user accesses and from which a certain service is requested (in this case the domains owned by TLL MEDIA SOLUTIONS NETWORK, S.L. as owner of the domain or "third party cookies", sent to the user's computer from a domain other than the one being accessed.

  1. Type of cookies used in TLL MEDIA SOLUTIONS NETWORK, S.L.

Our website ( may use up to four types of cookies depending on the updates made:

  • Own cookies: these are strictly necessary cookies. They allow the user to interact with the website using all its functions.
  • Analytical Cookies: these are cookies used for analysis, research or statistics in order to know the most visited sections, connection points, etc. and thus be able to improve the web portal.
  • Add-on cookies: these are cookies used by external add-ons installed on the website for its proper functioning, such as playing explanatory videos.
  • Social network cookies: these are cookies used to identify you as a user on the social network and to be able to interact through your profile.

It is important to note that these technologies are not intrusive, as all the information obtained through cookies is completely anonymous, and in no case can it be associated with a specific, identified user. This information allows TLL MEDIA SOLUTIONS NETWORK, S.L. to adapt and improve its Services to the interests of the users. However, the user has the option of preventing the generation of cookies, by selecting the corresponding option in their browser. TLL MEDIA SOLUTIONS NETWORK, S.L. informs that if the use of cookies is disabled, browsing may be slower than usual. Specifically, all browsers allow changes to be made to disable the configuration of cookies. These settings are located in the "options" or "preferences" menu of your browser. The following links show you how to disable cookies, following the instructions of the most commonly used browsers:

  • Firefox:
  • Chrome:
  • Explorer:

Can I refuse or opt out of receiving cookies? If you wish to refuse or opt out of receiving cookies, you can do the following:

  • Delete cookies from your browser. Most browsers allow you to prevent all or some cookies from being stored on your computer in the future. For more information on how to delete or disable cookies from your browser, use your browser's "help" menu.
  • If you only want to reject all or some of the third party cookies, you should visit the relevant third party's website directly to manage the cookies it stores on your computer. Please see our "Third party cookies" section. Please note that disabling cookies may affect the performance of this website.
  1. Technical description of the cookies used

The cookies used by this website are listed below, along with the purpose and duration of each one of them:

.tllmediasolutions.com_gaAnalytical cookie associated with the use of Google Analytics.1 year
.tllmediasolutions.com_gatAnalytical cookie associated with the use of Google Analytics.1 day
.tllmediasolutions.com_gidAnalytical cookie associated with the use of Google Analytics.2 days
.tllmediasolutions.comPHPSESSIDCookie generated by the website itself due to its construction language.Session
.tllmediasolutions.comcookiewarningCookie for the notice of the use of cookies on the website.1 day  NIDThese cookies are used by Google to store user preferences and information during the display of pages with Google maps on them.  6 months

We recommend that all users access the privacy policies of each service provider for more information:

  1. More information

Any user who has any questions about these technologies can send us an email to:

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